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    Turn visiting any business into a chance to win great prizes!* Simply take a photo or record a short video about your favorite business using the free VideoPages® Mobile App, and submit it for a chance to win. It's easy to do, and all acceptable entries are eligible to win, and may be featured within VideoPages.

    create your own video advertisingShare your videos and photos of storefronts and business locations, or of people showing-off recent purchases, or of in-store services, or simply of testimonials regarding great products or services. The sharing possibilities available through our mobile app are endless! Gain recognition from your peers while helping your favorite businesses get noticed!

    You can shoot new videos or photos using our app, or select them from your mobile device library!

    So have some fun, start contributing, and share in the success of your favorite businesses and VideoPages!

    for Contributing:

    • Chance to win great monthly prizes!
    • Help favorite businesses get noticed
    • Easy to do - submit through our app
    • Gain recognition from your peers
    • Share in the success of VideoPages
    • Be featured as a winning contributor*
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