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    Submitting Video Resumes:

    • Pre-record a one-minute video resume
    • Search businesses on VideoPages mobile app
    • Within a business profile, select contribute
    • Select choose from library & locate your video
    • Add a description - max-250 characters - about you
    • Add your first name, last name and email address
    • In the first tag field, type the word resume
    • In the second tag field, provide a URL to a CV
    • Hit the submit button at the top - that's it!

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    for Submitting Video Resumes

    • It's a free service by VideoPages
    • They're easy and fun to create
    • Can help you get a foot in the door
    • Shows you presented at your very best
    • Gain an edge over other applicants
    • Gives you more exposure and visibility
    • Shows you're current in technology

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