Why have a VideoPage? Because it's FREE!

    VideoPages will help your business:

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  dominate over competitors online, on mobile, on social media!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  gain new customers regardless of having a website or social media!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  easily create videos that convert 65% greater than using images or text!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  create videos that are auto-posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  hire safely during Covid-19 through privately received Video Resumes!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  stay connected with other businesses during Covid-19 with B2B Videos!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  be cross-marketed with other businesses promoted by VideoPages!

      plus much more, and all without the need to hire or rely on a tech team!!!

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    Create amazing videos! See options (read more)

    Video is where it's at, and you're either making it happen, or watching it happen!

    Let VideoPages help you make it happen! Our video creation tools and options are:

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Create and submit your own videos for FREE using our mobile app or through your own back-office!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Create videos using templates in our Online Video Ad Builder for FREE! Only pay for HD downloads!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Create Unlimited HD Quality Videos using our Online Video Ad Builder for just $39.00 US per month!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Order on-location filming to create a professional HD one minute video: $999.00 US or $1,399.00 CAN.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Order on-location filming plus green screen and a professional actor: $1,499.00 US or $2,199.00 CAN.

    Online Video Ad Builder has thousands of dollars worth of Royalty-FREE Video footage & music to choose from!
    Also, Online Video Ad Builder Videos are all stored in the cloud, so downloading or making changes is a breeze!

    Try Our Online Video Creator Now
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    Social Video Generates 12x more shares...

    ...than text and images combined!* Not on social media? VideoPages solves that!

    Your Auto-Posted Videos to our VPadvertisers Social Media Channels will help you:

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  dominate over your competitors who are not posting videos on social media, and gain an edge.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  attract new customers during Covid-19 and drive your business forward, for the better days ahead.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  show up in Google search results with video, as Google gives videos preference over images & text.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  save huge amounts of time when posting and deleting videos... our service automates it all, for you!

    * - Sept 6 2017

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    Safely meet the personality behind the talent.

    VideoPages Video Resumes - the new way to safely connect during Covid-19:

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Save time, effort & money in the recruitment & hiring of new talent joining your team.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Sign-in to privately review your Video Resumes within your back-office on
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Pre-establish any necessary face-to-face meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Full access to ALL Video Resumes from All Job Applicants in VideoPages Talent Search™

    Video Resumes is a FREE Service for job applicants!

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    Safely get connected with other businesses.

    VideoPages B2B Videos. Get your message... past the Gate Keepers!

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  B2B videos help increase brand awareness when connecting with other business owners.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Share your ideas, find new partners and attract new business, the possibilities are endless.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  In the challenging times of Covid-19, safely connect and network with other local businesses!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Full access to ALL B2B Videos from ALL Businesses posted on VideoPages Business Search™

    Connect. Network. Share. Explore. Just one new idea could be a game-changer in these challenging times!

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    Total control of your media & promotions!

    Your back-office gives you total control over your content, media and promotions.

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Communicate Covid-19 updates with new and existing customers to help manage expectations.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Upload videos & photos through the FREE VideoPages mobile app to publish live, automatically.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Privately review and manage your Video Resumes and B2B Videos from within your own back-office.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Review, approve or delete all received User Contributed Videos & Photos from within your back-office.

    VideoPages was designed for non-technical people. If you are technical, you will love us just the same!

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    How does VideoPages compare to other advertising?

    As you can see in the comparison above, advertising in today's world is very expensive!

    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  VideoPages was created to provide all businesses an alternative to overpriced advertising.
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  We won't claim to be the answer to all your needs, but we can be the answer to some of them!
    VideoPages-For-Your-Business  Let VideoPages SIMPLIFY your business's needs through our unique, all-in-one unified platform!

    Our mission statement is To Help Businesses Succeed. Join now for FREE!

    1ad comparisons are based on average ad spend within metropolitan areas.
    *including an optional $39.00 US monthly Video Ad Builder Subscription.


    More Examples

          FREE & Premium

                                                                                               Monthly  Yearly - 1 Month FREE!


    DIY Promotional Videos, Photos and more. Great way to Engage with Customers. Visible Online AND on our App!

    Key Features:

    0 Provided by Business Videos 

    1 Promotions by Business Videos 

    1 Contributed by User Videos 

    5 Business Supplied Photos 

    5 Contributor Supplied Photos 

    PDF documents are not included 

    Shown above Courtesy-Listings 

    Logo displayed within search results 

    Business Info sent to Search Engines 


    Pro Videos, More DIY Videos & Photos. Videos Auto-Posted on Social Media! Visible Online, on our App AND on Social Media!

    $29/mo, Billed Monthly


    More Info
    Key Features:

    20 Provided by Business Videos 

    20 Promotions by Business Videos 

    20 Contributed by User Videos 

    20 Business Supplied Photos 

    20 Contributor Supplied Photos 

    5 PDF documents are featured 

    Shown above FREE VP Listings 

    Logo displayed within search results 

    Videos + Info sent to Search & Social Channels 

     Rollover the info icons above for more detailed information.
         Prices are yearly subscriptions, paid monthly or annually.

    Included With FREE & Premium:

    •  Contact Details
    •  Business Description
    •  Logo is Displayed
    •  Products & Services
    •  Brands you Provide
    •  Payment Methods
    •  Hours of Operation
    •  Languages Spoken
    •  Business Locations
    •  Business Search-Tags

    •  Links to your Website (5)
    •  Live Website Screenshot
    •  Links: Your Social Media
    •  Interactive Map - Details
    •  Bookmark your Business
    •  Email form - your Business
    •  Tell a Friend form - Sharing
    •  190 Social Media Channels
    •  Receive Video Resumes
    •  Receive B2B Videos

    •  SEO For Google, Yahoo, Bing
    •  Promotional Offers & Deals
    •  Create FREE Ad Builder Videos*
    •  YESEO® Content Optimization
    •  Cross-Market Your Business
    •  Mobile App Media-Rich Profile
    •  Searchable by Sub-Categories
    •  Searchable by Products/Services
    •  GEO Searchable by Brands/Tags
    •  Visible Above Courtesy-Listings

    *Available In Your Back Office!

    • Create FREE preview videos and only pay per HD Video Download!
      OR, create Unlimited Full HD Quality Videos for just $39.00/Mth!

    Premium Customers Only:
    • Exclusive Features & Benefits

    •  Videos Synced to YouTube, Facebook & Twitter!
    •  VideoPages Talent Search™ - All Video Resumes*
    •  VideoPages Business Search™ - All B2B Videos*
    •  Pro. Videographers at Huge Discounted Rate!
    •  Access to VideoPages Professional Actors!
    •  Pro. Videos are Prominently Featured!
    •  Downloadable PDF Documents Displayed!
    •  VP Search Results Top-Level Ad Position!

    •    * coming soon!

    No, not at all. If you do have a website, great! We will link your VideoPage visitors into your website (5 linkable pages included). If you do not have a website, then you can use your VideoPage as your website! You can even re-direct (i.e. point) a domain name to your VideoPage (e.g. directs visitors to your VideoPage! Now, you can print business cards, brochures, etc. promoting your own website domain name while having it drive traffic directly to your VideoPage!

    No, you do not need to have your own social media accounts. If you do have social media accounts, great! You can link & drive traffic from your VideoPage to your own social media accounts to increase likes, shares and followers! If you do not have social media accounts, your VideoPage will allow visitors to share your VideoPage & promotions with others through our 190+ integrated social media channels like Linkedin, Facebook and much more!

    New customers will find your business many different ways, here's some of them:

    1. Name search on Google:
      The first thing people usually do when someone refers them to your business, is search for your business name on Google to see: a) if your business is real AND b) what people are saying about you (good or bad). Video thumbnail images and links to your VideoPage will appear in Google search results promoting your brand while providing a positive impression about your business & the services that you provide! Additionally, customer video reviews & testimonials are a powerful way to bring in new business! We've made it easy for customers to share their videos with you. And, approved videos are shared live!

    2. Social media promoted:
      As mentioned, even if your business in not on social media... your customers are! Your VideoPage will enable your customers to be able to share your brand and promotions with their followers on social media. This is incredibly powerful. Imagine if someone shared just one of your promotions to their thousands of trusted followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., what would that be worth? VideoPages makes it easier than ever to leverage social media and gain new customers!

    3. Social video shares (Premium):
      Every promotional video that you upload through our mobile app or through your own VideoPage back-office... is search engine optimized (SEO) then automatically shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! Your customers can then easily share your videos with their friends and followers! And, new customers can find you when searching by business name, keyword(s) or by Hashtags on these popular social media sites. UPDATE: Two new social video automation channels are in development and will release in the near future (Linkedin & Instagram) and will be included with Premium at no extra cost! Enjoy!

    4. Cross-promoted with other businesses:
      VideoPages features approximately 16 million businesses. These business listings are individually & categorically indexed within Google and other major search engines. As site visitors come into VideoPages by conducting a keyword search (via Google or other search engines), they can easily discover your business, product(s) or service(s) from within our website. Your brands, products & services are all displayed at the top of our search result listings (i.e. above courtesy-listed businesses) in equal rotation with other paid advertisers! Additionally, your brand is prominently displayed within our categories as well! Now you can attract new business that you may have never gained without being on VideoPages!

    5. Mobile referrals - email & SMS sharing:
      You will automatically receive a media rich mobile listing promoting your business on our free iPhone & Android app (Android releasing soon) so that new customers can find you with ease! Your app profile is synced live with your VideoPage so whatever videos, photos or promotions you upload are shared to your desktop and mobile VideoPage, automatically! Customers can save your business profile to their contacts and share your business with others via integrated email and SMS sharing!

    6. Leverage VideoPages Marketing:
      Gain from VideoPages online exposure and media coverage throughout North American!
      As on online & mobile advertising company, VideoPages also utilizes the latest in digital technology like pin-point targeted Programmatic Ad Campaigns, Social Media Pixel Placement and Google Adwords to extend our reach and online viewership of our brand and our advertisers! Why not leverage this exposure on our dime?

    Your subscription term is for 12 months and will auto-renew on your anniversary date (i.e. the day you signed up with VideoPages). If you close your business or are for whatever reason not satisfied with our service, simply notify us via email or phone (30) days prior to your anniversary renewal date and we will terminate your auto-renewal.

    Yes, you may use our free mobile app to record a video (or select one from your smartphones library) and post it live to your VideoPage! Premium Customer Videos are also auto-posted live to our VPadvertisers social media channels on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter without having to access a computer! Or, if you don't have access to our mobile app, you can upload videos directly through your back-office on VideoPages. Either way, we've got you covered! See our plan options chart above for video quantities per plan type (FREE vs. Premium). You may change or delete videos at any time. Also, your back-office will hold more videos than what will be displayed live on your VideoPage! You can use our unique "show & hide" eyeball feature which will allow you to keep videos archived while choosing which videos to show live!

    As a Premium Customer you have (2) additional video options beyond the Online Video Ad Builder:

    1. On-location Filmed Video(s) - $999 U.S. and $1399 Canadian
    2. On-location Filmed Video(s) with actor - $1499 U.S. and $2099 Canadian

    3. 1. On-location Filmed Videos:
      These videos may be ordered at anytime through your own private back-office on We will schedule an appointment with you and come to your place of business to create a professional video for you! This video recording session will typically last about 90 minutes and may include up to (2) separately filmed on-camera representatives of your business, or one representative plus a customer testimonial. The final video will be edited to approximately one minute in length and include royalty-free music matching your business in action!

      2. On-location Filmed Videos - With Actor:
      These videos may be ordered at anytime through your own private back-office on We will schedule an appointment with you and come to your place of business to create a professional video for you! This video recording session will typically last about 60-90 minutes to film footage of your business in action! You will be provided with a producer who will help you prepare a suitable script which will be recorded (on-camera) by a professional actor of your choice, from our talent pool! The actor will be filmed in a green-screen studio reading from a teleprompter. The final edited video will appear as if the actor was filmed at your place of business and be approximately one minute in length!

      3. Online Video Ad Builder Videos:
      These may be ordered and created at anytime through your private back-office on There are hundreds of professional video templates to choose from. Each video template includes royalty-free music options as well as supportive royalty-free professional stock video footage options to give your videos an edge over your competition! Typically, these types of videos would cost thousands of dollars to create and produce if hiring a media production company to create them for you. Now, you can do them yourself with ease with no software to download and no video editing skills being required, truly! If you can type and use a mouse... then you can create powerful looking videos for your business!

    Absolutely! Your VideoPage is a promotional service for your business so you can declare it as a business write-off! Your accountant can best advise you on this matter.

    All businesses that require more customers and more exposure! If you have a business that does not seek customers (e.g. you service the government, military, or private sectors directly) then VideoPages may not be for your type of business. If your business does sell to customers, either offline or online, then VideoPages is for you!

    National Brand? Learn about our National Advertising Solutions
    The Online Video Advertising company that combines compelling Video with comprehensive information about a customer's business.
    Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Businesses to promote their brand, products or services locally through VideoPages.
    Sales prospects that are already looking for the products or services that you provide.
    Internet-based content viewed through a computer's web browser.
    Internet-based and other content viewed through a Mobile Device web browser or App.
    Basic-level Business Listings provided by VideoPages.
    We offer several monthly advertising packages - from the basic Bronze package, to the enhanced Silver, Gold or Platinum packages.
    The Professional Camera Operators who shoot videos for VideoPages.
    The Mobile Device Application that provides access to VideoPages content.
    The order in which ads are displayed within VideoPages or other's search results, with those ads located at the top having the highest ranking.
    The ability for Business Videos to be shown through the VideoPages Player within a VideoPages Customer's own website.
    Do It Yourself videos shot and uploaded with the VideoPages Mobile App
    Your Enterprise. Search Engine Optimized is a trademarked VideoPages service that helps to manage & protect your online business identity.
    Web sites that provide the means for interaction between organizations and individuals e.g. Facebook, Twitter.
    VideosPages provides a strong Return On Investment by exposing your message to the right prospects at the right time.
    Advertisers discovered through VideoPages category-related searches (e.g. Doctors & Health, Home & Garden, Hotels & Travel, etc).
    Advertisers discovered through VideoPages keyword searches (e.g. business name, product or service, etc).
    The concluding part of an advertisement that compells the viewer to take the next step towards a sale.