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    Helping Businesses Connect!

    Privately share B2B videos with other advertised businesses
    on VideoPages and watch your ideas come to life, fast! Use our free VideoPages Mobile App to privately submit your video proposals/ideas to other like-minded business owners whom you would like to connect with. Best of all, this service is included with all VideoPages Advertising Packages!

    Submitting B2B Videos:

    • Pre-record a one-minute B2B video
    • Search businesses on VideoPages mobile app
    • Within a business profile, select contribute
    • Select choose from library & locate your video
    • Add a description of 250 characters - about your idea
    • Add your first name, last name and email address
    • In the first tag field, type the word B2B
    • In the second tag field, provide your VideoPage URL
    • Hit the submit button at the top - that's it!

    Video Resumes by VideoPagesConnect with Businesses! Share ideas, new venture proposals, product integrations and more!
    It's easy to do... and non-technical! If you can use a smart-phone, you can create and submit a B2B Video.

    Taking this simple step could open the door to a completely new way of doing business!

    for Using B2B Videos

    • Connect with other business owners
    • Share your business ideas effectively
    • Open the door to new potentials
    • Find new partners or joint ventures
    • It's easy to use - for all VP advertisers
    • Submit your video within seconds
    • Grow your brand and service

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    VideoPages paid advertisers have full access to B2B Videos as part of their service.

    While we may make efforts to connect non-paid advertisers with B2B Videos we receive - there is no guarantee.