About VideoPages

VideoPages is an online video advertising company
featuring nearly 16 million businesses within the United States and Canada.
Our mission is to help businesses succeed - with advertising solutions that help
small and medium-sized businesses and national brands connect with consumers
through the power of video, both online and on-mobile.

For over a century, phonebook directories were the best
way for consumers to find the brands, products and services
they were interested in. Not anymore. Today, people are
using the Internet to find what they need, while at home, at
work or on-the-go. VideoPages provides a compelling link
between Internet searches and advertisers.

VideoPages has created an effective solution to help
businesses shift from print advertising to the digital space.
With affordable pricing and no long-term contract,
businesses can use VideoPages with ease!

VideoPages ADvironmentally friendly® -
an effective and affordable new way to promote your business!