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    UPDATED August 20th 2021: VideoPages new FREE Service is now live and is available to all businesses.

    VideoPages Inc. launches (2) service plans to support its' aim to capture prominent market share in; Online Video, Search and Social Media Advertising (US$148B) and Online Recruitment (US$146.4B).

    Ottawa, ON (August 1st 2021) - VideoPages mission is to Help Businesses Succeed. In keeping true to its mission, the company will soon release a completely FREE SERVICE that will be available to businesses across Canada and the United States in an effort to help businesses succeed during the Covid-19 pandemic. "We know just how difficult times are today with 60% of Canadian-based restaurants not even knowing if they will survive or be open past the next 90 days, and we felt the urgent need to help", said Noel Tarabocchia, Founder & CEO of VideoPages Inc. "By offering all businesses a competitive advantage in being able to showcase their business online, through rich media and engaging visuals, highlighting the types of products and services they are currently offering to their customers', and in a timely manner, keeping their customers' informed on specific Covid-19 updates pertaining to their business, we knew that now was the time to act by offering a free VideoPage to all businesses who could use a boost." In addition to FREE advertising, VideoPages clients' may receive Video Resumes, also for FREE, within their private back office on the website. This is a newly launched service that VideoPages provides to its FREE or Premium clients', as it ventures into the online recruitment space.

    "We see this as a huge potential moving forward", said Mr. Tarabocchia. "Online recruitment in North America alone, by 2024, is projected to be a (US$146.4B) dollar industry, and we will tap into it by offering all businesses FREE Video Resumes as part of our service." VideoPages is also offering all businesses a FREE B2B Video Platform, available privately through its clients' own back offices, to be able to send a "one minute video pitch" to share ideas, proposals, partnership potentials and much more directly to other businesses on the platform. "Now more than ever, during Covid-19, we know it's not going to be easy for businesses to attend large networking events like we used to in the past", said Mr. Tarabocchia. "Now, we need to be even more creative, and that's why we've created B2B Videos, to empower businesses to engage and easily connect with other like-minded businesses, because often just one new idea, one new partnership 'could be a game-changer' for many businesses out there." VideoPages is offering its Premium service, an upgrade from its FREE service, for just $29.00 per month. Premium offers many more features and benefits above the FREE service, like auto-posting the videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter saving businesses hours of time.

    About VideoPages Inc.
    VideoPages Inc. is the provider of affordable Online Video Advertising and Social Video Automation in Canada and the United States. With over 16 million featured businesses, VideoPages helps online and mobile-based consumers find the products and services they are interested in most, through online, mobile and social media-based searches. VideoPages Inc. is located in Ottawa, ON Canada.

    For more information about VideoPages Inc., please visit its website at:
    Contact: Noel J. Tarabocchia, Founder & CEO VideoPages Inc. at: 1-877-424-9843
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